Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ideal Products for Outdoor Furniture Finishing

Since more people are now embracing the idea of transforming their outdoor spaces into relaxation havens, the demand for outdoor furniture has grown significantly over the last few years. However, as building a patio or a deck almost always eats up a large chunk into a homeowner's budget, often, there is barely money left for quality outdoor furniture. As such, a homeowner isn't left with any other choice but to buy from garage sales or flea markets.

If this is your dilemma, you don't have to settle for old outdoor furniture that is one sitting away from completely falling apart. There are sellers of new and unfinished furniture who can guarantee quality for their customers. The unfinished pieces are sold at a much lesser price than those found in outlets or malls. Consequently, they make for great do-it-yourself staining projects, which you can manage as long as you use the proper products.

Remember, outdoor furniture, unlike indoor furniture, is exposed to exterior natural elements and thus will need more powerful finishes. An oil-based transparent stain is a great product because it retains the wood's original color and provides sufficient water protection—just be sure the stain soaks into the wood for at least 15 minutes before back-brushing it. Another good product is a solid color stain since this works like paint to provide a longer-lasting and more protective finish—just be sure to apply a primer so the product bonds well with the wood.


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